Rules and Agreements

We strongly recommend you to carefully read the following terms of use of the investment recourse before starting cooperation with Bets4you LTD project.

Basic Terms

Company - Bets4you LTD, a British company that founded the investment product Bets4you LTD and is the initiator of cooperation with private investors.
Investor - a user who has been registered on the company's website and invests according to company’s investment offer.
Investment offer - tariff plans presented on the website of the Bets4you LTD project, according to which the user will make a profit.
Partner - a registered participant of the project, which attracts new users and receives remuneration, indicated by the terms of the partner program.
Affiliate program - a program of cooperation between the company and partners, which describes the detailed conditions for their interaction, rights and responsibilities.
Terms - this document, which shows all aspects of the interaction between the project participants and the company, the duties and rights of the parties.

General Provisions

1. Each potential participant of the project must register on the site of the investment project in order to use the investment offers or work with the affiliate program. It is impossible to get access to the project functionality without a personal account on this site.
2. The terms of the investment offer and the affiliate program are fully presented on the Bets4you LTD project website and interaction with participants is carried out only in accordance with these conditions.
3. The Bets4you LTD company can change the investment offers and terms of the affiliate program with prior notice of all participants of the project. Please, note that if the user indicated an invalid mail address during the registration, then the company is not liable if the user cannot get notifying.
4. Only people of legal age can cooperate with the Bets4you LTD project, if this cooperation does not violate the law of the country in which they are physically at the time of interaction with the investment resource.
5. The provisions of these terms may be amended at any time. The Company does not undertake to notify the participants of such changes.

Rights and Responsibilities of Users

1. Each project participant is obliged to indicate only reliable information during registration and notify the administration of any changes in the data.
2. The user must personally monitor the relevance of the provisions of these terms. The company does not accept any claims regarding ignorance of such changes.
3. The user understands all the risks of investment activity and contributes funds with full awareness that any investment carries a risk. He is also familiar with the fact that the company's profit depends on the success of its activities.
4. Any of the participants has the right to participate in investment and partnership activities, promotions, special offers, competitions of the company.
5. The user undertakes to maintain a positive image of the company, in no way to demean its name and not to mislead potential clients of the project regarding its solvency.
6. The client understands that it is not possible to withdraw the deposit from the system ahead of schedule, since all funds received by the company are used for performing betting activities.
7. Clients of the company have the full right to dispose of the profit received from cooperation with the project at their own discretion.
8. Users have the right to receive an answer to any question they are interested in from the technical support service.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Company

1. The Company guarantees that users will receive free and uninterrupted access to the resources of the site except the cases of force majeure, when the provision of such services will be impossible.
2. The Company undertakes to reliably protect the data received from users by modern encryption methods and not transfer it to third parties, except as provided by law.
3. The administration of the project and the management of the company are not responsible for the losses that the participant may incur, since he is aware that the company's solvency depends entirely on the success of its activities.
4. The company is negative about spam, so it strongly does not recommend users to use this method of project promotion through the affiliate link.
5. The company has the right to restrict access to the resource to users who violated the provisions of these terms.
6. The company does not bear responsibility for the losses of the participant because of failures in the work of the site caused by force majeure circumstances or through the fault of the service provider.

Final Provisions

1. By registering on the project website, you fully agree with the terms of cooperation and the provisions of these terms. If you disagree with something, please, do not register and leave the site of the investment project.
2. The parties shall not be liable for failure to fulfill their obligations for reasons out of their control (military actions, terrorist act, natural disasters, unfavorable political situation, etc.)
3. The site of the Bets4you LTD project belongs to the company, any copying of the materials that are placed on this site will be prosecuted by law.